The artist

My name is Håkan Trulsson, living in southern Sweden close to Malmö - only ~ 30 min away from the great city of Copenhagen.

I'm always in the search for new material, combinations of material and new techniques to create contemporary abstract sculptures.

Usually the process of sculpting starts with a solid piece of wood, then I draw a few lines on it before I start the chainsaw and start to remove material. The process continues with angle grinders, die grinders and other tools with a lot of different discs and burrs to rough shape the sculpture.
Depending on the shape of the sculpture, I continue with the time consuming process of sanding or carving with chisels and knives. Last steps are always hand sanding up to about 400 grit before I apply a polyurethane with strong UV inhibitor to prevent the sun to fade the color of the wood. Mostly I use a high gloss polyurethane or semi gloss, sometimes I combine the two on different surfaces to achieve the end result I want.

I use wood from all parts of our planet, but only the species that are not endangered or red listed.

I often experiment with new techniques and love to try new ideas, all from dying the wood with ink, use metallic powder that I oxidate, to melting crayons with a heat gun to achieve different surfaces - when I run out of ideas, is probably the day I will stop.

Article from "Magasin Skåne"

Article from "Magasin Skåne"