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Håkan Trulsson

[All pictures on this site are art objects created by myself. For sales or representation contact me on email: or drop a message on my instagram.]

"Swedish sculptor Håkan Trulsson, through a process of high craftsmanship, transforms wood into abstract carved and coloured forms. Strong, dynamic forms and bold colours are the hallmarks of the sculptures' dualism; Håkan works with an unusual technique, creating a strong contrast between the raw, organic nature of the wood and the use of strong colours. The smooth, modulated sculptures characterised by fluid movements launch their essence into the abstract and vital world, presenting themselves in all their lightness. The sinuous lines are a very delicate means of approaching and investigating the structure of the wood, and it is from here that the entire creative process that guides the artist in the realisation of the entire work starts."

Gallery Van Gogh, Madrid

"Håkan Trulsson is a Swedish contemporary sculptor, living and working in southern Sweden.

He translates his fascination for shapes and abstract forms into wooden sculptures, craftily carving each one of them from a single piece of wood. His signature style is easily recognizable, marked by strong dynamic shapes and the use of bold colors which bring the sculptures to life. 

He works with a variety of woods and the preservation of the piece’s natural grain. This unusual technique creates a captivating contrast between the rough, organic nature of the wood, and the use of strong, colorful dyes that draw the spectator’s attention.

Much like a Rorschach test, Trulsson likes to keep his pieces nameless to allow the observer the freedom to project their subconscious and let their own imagination decide what they represent."

Gallery Azur, Miami