My story

I have always been a creative person and I have expressed it in different was over the years. in my profession, I have used 3D CAD systems to design parts for manufacturing for about 25 years. I have always been fascinated of shapes and design and have tried to incorporate it as much as possible in my designs.

My profession taught me to think in 3D and sculpting is quite similar to modern CAD, but without the mathematical limits. With sculpting I'm free to express any shape I want and I'm always willing to push the limits on trying new techniques and finding new ways to push the sculpture in the direction I want.

During the early beginning of Covid-19, I started carving small figures with a knife and sandpaper in my greenhouse. I found this extremely satisfying and started to invest in more tools to make more complicated figures. This escalated quickly to buying more tools and making bigger pieces. I started to experiment more with abstract shapes in a contemporary style - combining traditional wood and its grain with a unique touch of modern design.

Below are some images of early figures

bird of prey in teak


knot in teak

knot in teak

knot in teak

infitity knot in teak

splash in wenge

my cat Simba in zebrano

Hippo in teak

Elephant in zebrano

schrödingers cat in teak

ratatouille teak & birch